Life Insurance

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life insurance

You grow up. Get a job. Buy a home. Maybe start a family.

Over time, all these things grow in value. And as they do, you have to devote more time and thought to their care and protection. That’s life. And it’s a lot of responsibility. For all these reasons and more Long Beach Insurance Referral has the right product for you.

We offer a variety of life insurance packages from Whole Life to Term Life and everything in between:


Whole Life

Why Whole Life makes a whole lot of sense

Whole Life insurance can help you protect your loved ones by providing funds to help preserve their lifestyle. This policy provides a lifetime of insurance protection at a cost that stays the same your whole life––no matter how your health may change. And the value you select at the start is the benefit your loved ones are guaranteed, a death benefit that generally passes on tax-free. Additional policies are available, that provide flexibility.


Final Expense

Help when your family needs it the most

Coping with the grief of death is hard enough without having to worry about burial expenses. That’s why Long Beach Insurance Referral offers the Final Expense life insurance policy.1 Final Expense relieves families of the anxiety of having to pay funeral costs with a fixed $10,000 death benefit to help loved ones through a difficult time. Policy benefits are paid to your beneficiary, who may or may not use them to help pay final expenses.



Coverage you need, for as long as you need it

How long do you need life insurance coverage? Maybe you only need it for student or vehicle loans. Or maybe you need coverage for a mortgage or business loan. Either way, Long Beach Insurance Referral has Term Life Insurance policies that can help. Our Term Life Insurance policies guarantee your loved ones a death benefit if anything happens to you while the policy is in force. So instead of leaving your family with debts to pay, you’ll leave them financially secure. And remember, the sooner you start, the lower your premium will generally be.