Auto Loans

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auto loan

Financing That Includes Financial Benefits

Long Beach Insurance Referral service has options that can put you in the driver’s seat with financing on a wide variety of new or used vehicles:

• Cars • Boats • Vans • Jet-skis • RVs • Light trucks • Motorcycles • SUVs

You’ll also enjoy competitive rates and an application process with no application fees.


You’re automatically protected against total vehicle loss

All our sponsors vehicle loans come with financial protection. And that’s important financial protection for you. If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, or stolen, you could end up owing more than your vehicle insurance would pay you. So you could be making payments on a vehicle you no longer have. With financial protection, if your vehicle is determined to be a total loss before the loan is paid off, We will cancel the difference between the insurance payout and the unpaid principal balance due on the loan.

Get an interest rate discount and save even more

Our customers are very important to us, and we’re always looking for ways to save you money. So you’ll be eligible to receive additional savings on your vehicle loan rate when your monthly vehicle loan payment is made automatically from our Bank deposit account — checking, money market or savings.2

It’s that easy. If you don’t currently have one of our deposit accounts, talk with our site sponsor about opening one.

Refinancing your current vehicle loan could save you hundreds of dollars

Many people never think of refinancing their vehicle loan. But if you’re paying a higher interest rate than is currently available, you’re throwing money away.

Refinancing your loan through our Bank could:

• Lower your interest rate
• Lower your monthly payments
• Allow you to pay off the balance of your loan quicker
• Save you money

We make it easy to refinance your loan, and there are no application fees. Plus, your refinanced loan includes financial protection. Talk with your agent about how much you could save by refinancing your existing vehicle loan.

How to choose the best vehicle loan for you

Did you know that the best loan isn’t always the one with the lowest rate? Just consider:

• Low dealer rates are often temporary offers — and they don’t always apply to longer-term loans
• Many people can’t qualify for those low rates and end up with higher-rate offers
• A dealer loan may require a large “balloon” payment at the end of the loan period
• The dealer often keeps your manufacturer’s rebate and offers you a shorter finance period (and higher payments) than you want